Amber Sym


Amber Sym

Wandering for the calming breeze that can help in relaxing your soul? Well, there is no one like Amber Sym. An outstanding adult model is known for her charismatic skill and the best moves that rejuvenate your nerves giving you the calmness you are looking for. Undoubtedly Amber is the heavenly diva with the slim sexy body that provokes your nerves for an outstanding experience of sensuality.

Amber was born on November 4, 1989, at Michigan. She is an American by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity. This excellent American model weighs 5’5” with a height if 105 lbs. Her long brown straight hair and brown eyes make the ambiance golden. Well, she is gifted with an amazing sexy figure. Her chest measures 34C and she knows how to uphold the same to increase her sexiness. Well, she is not obsessed with any sort of piercing. Her curves are enough to showcase her as the most magnificent figure of the century. Well, a tattoo in the ankle is just as provoking as you can just think of. Her toned figure displays her assets in the rightful ways. She is hot and knows how to tempt your nerves. She is a real beauty who doesn’t come in any sort of comparison. She is highly ambitious and holds herself in the most elegant style.

Amber Sym model career started in a much glamorous way. She was one of the top models for Playboy. Even she acted in various videos in Playboy. Her videos are sizzling hot and stimulate your nerves in a fraction of second. She also appears in many shows for the Playboy network. Her shows involve TV series known as the Badass. Alongside this, you can also see her acting on series named The Playboy Radio Show. Well, that is certainly not all about this gorgeous lady who took up the adult industry like a storm. Amber can also be seen posing in number magazines like the Penthouse, Axis Magazine, and Hustler. She also appeared in The Picture Premium. Well, you can see her on a lot of websites posing in the most enticing way. Finding pictures of Amber is easy as she is a famous star in the adult industry. This adult model of America is being named as Tara Marie in her shot for Playboy. Well, she was the Cyber Girl of the Month of Playboy for November 2012. She is outstanding with nothing that can make her the most tempestuous enchantress of the adult industry. Yet Amber Sym lesbian is not been seen. But many fans wish to see the same in the future. You will certainly be speechless as you take a look at her pictures.

For now, check her pictures and increase the temperature of your room.

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