Heidi Romanova


Heidi Romanova

Heidi Romanova needs no introduction. She is an outstanding performer who resides in the heart of her fans. Whether it might be shooting nude or acting in the Game of Thrones, she is the enchantress who needs just a fraction of seconds to attract your attention. Heidi’s constant hard work has given her a position on the mainstream as well as the adult industry. She is magnificent and her red hair helps her to score high. Heidi was born in Riga on May 9, 1995. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

The beauty of Heidi holds no description. She is hot and exquisite with red hair and green eyes. The purity in her nerves can be wisely noted through her eyes. She is ravishing and comparing her to any drop-dead gorgeous heavenly beauty won’t be wrong. Well, describing her bodily features is interesting. She is the seductress with 5’6” height and 46 kgs weight. The measurement of her body is 31-26-33. Till date, she had not gone through any surgery on her chest portion. Some of the names that she uses in her movies and videos are Heidi, Adel C, Vanessa, Adel O, and Heidi Rom. She works as a nude model.

According to Heidi, she is an introvert type of person and doesn’t wish to be surrounded by people. That is the reason she never goes to clubs on Saturdays and Sundays. But that never stood a problem for her career. She never showed any shyness in front of the camera. Her favorite pastime is reading books and watching movies. Well as per her, she does enjoy a day when she has to sit idle doing nothing at all. She loves photography as well. She is obsessed with her long and sexy legs and wishes to show them more often. Heidi says that clothes are not the one that makes her sexy. Rather what she possesses inside the clothes is something that makes her the favorite of her fans. She is a great fan of sushi. So if you are willing to invite her for dinner, keep sushi as one of the items. What does she love in men? It is their sense of humor and brainy talks.

Heidi Romanova escort is seen in the Games of Thrones season 6 where she played the role of the Volantene whore. The episode was “The Broken man”. Well, she has also appeared in the Playboy as well as Playmate. On Instagram, you can catch up on Heidi Romanova lesbian pics with Emily Bloom. She holds 40,000 followers on Twitter and 100,000 followers on Instagram.

The best part of this young nude model is that she is very much positive about herself. And that is what makes every picture of hers the most stunning one. Check out her pictures for n extra fun.

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