Melanie Rios


Melanie Rios

A lot of beautiful divas join the pornographic industry every year. Some never get fame and vanishes in the dust whereas some shine and leave remarkable work at their back. The outstanding works of these gorgeous ladies become their identification. They are the queen without a crown. But still, they do hard work to please the senses of the individuals who sit on the opposite side of the screen. Among the various, a glamorous name is Melanie Rios. This name doesn’t need any reorganization. She is one of the top actresses who have made the pornographic industry proud with her highly stimulating work.

Back in the story

Melanie Rios was born on April 8, 1991, in the second largest city of Colombia called Medellin. Her birth name is Sara Velez Galeano. When Melanie was 12 years old her family left Medellin and settled in The United States of America in search of fortune. Melanie continued her studies in America only. But her interest in sensuality makes her different from all. She started watching porn films at a very early age. During her teenage period, only she discovered a fascination towards erotic matters. And thus she loses her virginity at an age of 15. This porn star actress holds Colombian as well as American nationality. That was not the end but certainly the golden period of giving back something better and more vigorous to the world. A porn star was born and it was the time for her debut.

Starting of the career

Porn industry never allows anyone below the age of eighteen years. So Melanie had to wait for three years from the time of experience eroticism for the first time. As she turned 18, she didn’t wait for a second to join the porn industry. It neither took time for her to become a prominent start of the porn industry. She had performed in all genres which includes common to lesbian pornographic films. Melanie Rios is a well-known name in the porn industry with 173 awards in her bag. This Colombian porn actress is certainly a delight to associate with.

Melanie performed in pornographic films with many actresses. But when Melanie Rios and Valerie Rios are together on the screen, it becomes a win. Well, some say that Melanie and Valerie Rios are sisters but there is no proof of the same.

Amazing qualities

Melanie Rios escort is a gorgeous diva who has made the pornographic industry proud with her services. Weighing 50 kgs and in a height of 5ft 3 in, her coffee-colored eyes are real delights. Her hair color is brown which well suits her gorgeous facial structure. Her 32A-24-34 body measurement highlights her natural chest very well. You need to go and watch Melanie Rios Valerie Rios pornographic films.

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